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Our mission is to connect the Ibero-American tech community with the San Francisco Bay Area.

What are dots?
Dots are tech entities; they can be ideas, start-ups, organizations, countries, or simply,  YOU. Dots are resourful and have the potential to thrive under the right environment.
Iberus strategically connects these dots and encourages collaboration in a comfortable social setting; as an outcome, we expect to build long-lasting prosperous alliances to reduce the geographical, cultural, and technological gaps that exists between countries.
Get ready to...


  1. STEP 2: Follow Us
    Get your tech news via Facebook and Twitter. Follow our "TEC talks" channels to know what is new with Iberus and what is going on in the tech industry.
    Once a connection has been established and opportunities have been identified; Iberus will look to strengthen these symbiotic relationships and encourage collaboration to reduce the technological gap that exist between partners and countries.
    Connecting with one another may be the difference between saying "Le't talk about it" or "Let's work together". Iberus reduces the cultural gap that exists between countries by providing a comfortable social setting that introduces foreigners to the host country's customs and traditions.
  4. MEET
    Meeting with people from other geographic areas is often challenging and expensive. While technology has made it possible to better communicate electronically; the advantages of meeting in person have not been matched. Iberus reduces the geographical gap by taking people to your site.
  5. STEP 1: Register
    Want to be part of our network? register online to get connected! Become a dot in our map; we will evaluate your needs and identify business opportunities for you. CLICK ON OUR "GET CONNECTED!" LINK.
  6. STEP 3: Engage
    Attend social and tech events around your area. We will publish some of the most popular festivals and gatherings in social media. Take the time to get our there and connect in person.
Iberus is working with The Latinosphere ; a new Silicon Valley project with the mission of helping to develop the Americas by leveraging the power of "citizen ambassadors" – leaders in business and social enterprise working in partnership with government to facilitate strategic cultural and commercial exchanges.
By recruiting and preparing expert delegations of US citizens to cities throughout the Americas and partner nations, we are laying the foundation for a more scalable approach to fostering the learnings and relationships required for a more secure and prosperous Western Hemisphere in the 21st Century.
The project consist of connecting government, high-level executives, companies, start-ups, incubators, venture capitalist, and other tech related entities between the United States and Ibero-America. The Latinosphere, formally launched with a delegation to Israel, a visit that secured the interest of a wide range of partners for projects in the Americas (see coverage in Forbes); projects that we are looking to present and extend to our participating partners.
Beginning in Fall 2015, we are launching a multi-city tour throughout Latin America, with a visit to Guadalajara, an emerging hub for Mexican technology entrepreneurs. During this tour, we will begin to scale our efforts by deploying a platform that will facilitate the collaboration among our partners and affiliates. The nominated cities to be visited are: Guadalajara, Bogota, Sao Paulo, and Santiago.
If you want to get involved with this project please contact us below.
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